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Welcome to Hypnosis Works UK


At our comfortable and confidential London practices, we are dedicated to helping you overcome your difficulties so that you can lead a healthier and happier life.

Committed to Your Success

With so many different types of therapies available, finding the right therapy for you can be very confusing. We are committed to simplifying the process and offering proven, effective therapy.



We have helped Clients:

* Prepare for surgery and to be operated on without general anaesthetic.
* Manage stress and improve their performance and concentration.
* Come off cocaine and other drugs such as cannabis and alcohol.
* Overcome stage fright and overcome their exam nerves.
Quit smoking.
* Improve their confidence and performance in meetings.
* Be more creative and visionary.
* Have the confidence to negotiate and get fees they deserve.
* Overcome their dental phobia.
* Double their reading speed and enhance their memory recall.
Overcome their over-eating habits and lose weight.     



You have helped me in so many ways. When I came to stop smoking, I was on 40 cigarettes a day. You stopped me in one session. Amazing! Anyone who knew me was amazed as I was a hardened smoker.

With this success, I decided to use your help to set up my own business, which I had wanted for a long time but lacked the confidence. The business is doing great. I employ staff and I'm working on an idea so I can set up another one soon.

I wanted to work on my communication as I would get very judgemental, critical and impatient. It was so interesting to recognise where these ways of thinking and behaving had come from in my past. It was great to get them sorted so that I could become spontaneous, open and friendly with people.

This made me decide to come and deal with my weight, which had been an issue on and off, all my life. I come from a family where food has always been a big focus and I had lost contact with the feelings in my stomach that told me when I had had enough to eat.  Through your help, I could tell when I was hungry and when I was full and I found I could leave food on my plate. I now eat what I want, but in quantities that are right for my body. I have lost weight naturally and I feel fantastic! The best thing is that this new relationship with food is permanent. I like the way I look and I like myself. I enjoy being me and that’s the greatest gift anyone could ever have. Thank you so much!"

Ms C., Business Owner, London

"I came to you because I had had a crisis that had led me to suffer from crippling anxiety and I was unable to cope.  I felt inadequate and those feelings would magnify in confrontational, stressful situations. My marriage was under strain as my wife had to shoulder everything.

With your help I literally transformed into the person that I was meant to be – calm, assertive and practical. Dealing in property can lead to the potentially confrontational situations that used to create a massive stress reaction in me. I now approach them with quiet authority and confidence. I am so relieved and grateful as you have given me so much.  I have my wife and we have a very happy life together. Thank you so much!"

Mr A., Property Developer, London